Saturday, November 24, 2007


This is the front cover of Maps.

‘Maps’ is a hand made artist book. It is the story of how maps shape up and how maps affect our daily lives. I wrote 'Maps' while driving home from work one day and it was inspired by many road trips ‘Maps’ has 18 pages and is full of illustrations. The center page folds out into a large map. This book is hand-made in a limited edition of 200 and is currently displayed in the Post Card Show at The Lab in San Francisco.

You can see more images from my book and get directions to the lab here.

I also posted a few things on the Four Oceans Press store on E-Bay including Maps. Mark wrote a E-Bay guide called 'How to draw a naked Guy.' - It is really about how to get started drawing and how to work with a model - but it is a catchy title.

We are still looking for artist for our two exchanges. The Winter Exchange has 13 artists so far and the Food Alphabet has 11 artists. Q, X & Z - some of the hardest letters are taken.

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