Monday, November 12, 2007

Ready for Proofing...I think!

This Linoleum is finally ready to proof. Heather and I have been so busy coordinating and doing other web work for our Four Oceans Press Fall and Winter Print Exchanges we have held off on completing our own. Heather's four color print is half way done and I have just finished cutting mine.

I think it is really interesting the way a linoleum looks before it is printed and a lot of artists don't really show the process they go through to make their art. I really like to see the work in before it is finished and I think others might feel the same. I have a few more images of this lino on my website and I will post the proofs and finished image as soon as it is complete.

Our Four Oceans Press Exchange is going strong. We have 16 artists prints on our Fall Archive and we are taking sign-ups for the Winter Exchange and the Food Alphabet Exchange. Also Heather and I both signed up for the BarenForum Year of the Rat New Year's Card Exchange.

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