Saturday, September 29, 2007


This is a drawing on Linoleum for my next print. It is part of the Four Oceans Press Fall 2007 Hand-Pulled Print Exchange. I will put more shots of the print here as it progresses.

About this time last year I decided it was time to start my own press. I had some clear goals and some big ideas and I knew I would learn a lot in the process. This summer my friend Heather and I decided to do our first big project as a hand-pulled print exchange. We had both participated in print exchanges through BarenForum and a few other organizations. We thought we were ready so we put out the call for artist and whole bunch of people signed up. Currently we have 21 of 25 spaces filled. We are still looking for four more artists (See the details here).

We actually have four exchanges scheduled over the next year and a few projects to go along with the exchange. The first project is a 2009 Calendar which should be completed next fall. We also are working on details for a show here in the San Francisco Bay Area of all four print exchanges – 100 artists, 100 prints.

We want to promote our own work, of course, but we also feel that this is a good way to promote our friends who are artists – so each artist who participates in the exchange will have a permanent spot on the Four Oceans Press Archive with a link back to their website….

Monday, September 10, 2007

I won an Award!

Opening night at the Frank Bette Center was really good! There were about 100 people there and I got a lot of really good comments about my art - especially the 'Month'. I received the sponsors award for this piece. It was quite a surprise! Here is a close up of it and I will get a better picture when the show comes down at the end of the month.

This is a picture of one of the gallery patrons studying the 'Month'.

This is a shot of the huge crowd. It was wall to wall people with a lot of other people in the other rooms. You can see the 'Month" hanging in the corner of this room. It is really big! To the left of the 'Month' two of my prints are hanging. You can see a straight shot of them below...

The one on top is called 'Once there was a way...', on the bottom is 'When I call you name...' The collage in the middle is not mine, but it is very nice.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Art Opening - tonight!

Frank Bette Center for the Arts,
1601 Paru Street, Alameda, CA 94501


Opening: Friday September 7, 7-9 PM

First Friday Opening Gala of "Reading Between the Lines"

If you can't make the opening check out the show any time - September 7-29.

I have four pieces in this show. I have one large drawing and three prints. The large drawing called 'Month' is about 24" x 40". It is a pen and ink drawing with an image of a laundry machine I invented and some text describing a month in the life. I will post an image as soon as I can get one. I can't believe I did not photograph it before I had it framed. It is first in a series of 12 and I am very excited that it got into the show.

One of the prints is a variation of "The Three Graces" print with a block of blue text added that reads "When I call your name..." The second print is called "Once there was a way..." It is a landscape print of a valley road with mountians in the background and a giant fork in the road - figuratively and literally. The third print is from my Lavatory series. It is a 4" x 6" print of a roll of toilet paper.

I hope to see you there!