Saturday, September 29, 2007


This is a drawing on Linoleum for my next print. It is part of the Four Oceans Press Fall 2007 Hand-Pulled Print Exchange. I will put more shots of the print here as it progresses.

About this time last year I decided it was time to start my own press. I had some clear goals and some big ideas and I knew I would learn a lot in the process. This summer my friend Heather and I decided to do our first big project as a hand-pulled print exchange. We had both participated in print exchanges through BarenForum and a few other organizations. We thought we were ready so we put out the call for artist and whole bunch of people signed up. Currently we have 21 of 25 spaces filled. We are still looking for four more artists (See the details here).

We actually have four exchanges scheduled over the next year and a few projects to go along with the exchange. The first project is a 2009 Calendar which should be completed next fall. We also are working on details for a show here in the San Francisco Bay Area of all four print exchanges – 100 artists, 100 prints.

We want to promote our own work, of course, but we also feel that this is a good way to promote our friends who are artists – so each artist who participates in the exchange will have a permanent spot on the Four Oceans Press Archive with a link back to their website….

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