Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ridiculously busy ...

I have been ridiculously busy at school (work) for the past few weeks and I feel like a slacker for not posting here. But I have been working quite a bit.

My work has been on display at Creative Framing in Oakland. Several Linoleum and Wood Block prints are hung on the walls and a big lithograph is in the window. I think they will be up for a few more weeks.

I am actually in the middle of several projects. I have at least three print half-way cut and I hope to finish up soon so that I can print them...

I just finished Baren Exchange #36. I will post it here soon. I also recently finished my spring print for the Four Oceans Press Spring Print. I am working on ideas for my Summer Print [For which signs-ups are still open - by the way!]

Four Oceans Press also started a new exchange, at the suggestion of our friend, Graham. The Fine Arts Photography Exchange is currently accepting sign-ups. We have a few people who have been in our print exchanges, some old friends and a few new friends in this exchange.