Wednesday, August 22, 2007


This is my most recent Linoleum print.

Blumen is the German word for flowers. This is an image of three large flowers. This linoleum block print has four colors and is printed by hand. First the Yellow was printed, then part of the image was cut away and the dark yellow was printed. More linoleum was cut away so that the Orange could be printed and finally the Red.

There are 8 color variations of the image. The whole series can be seen on the 2007 print archive page on my website.

I am excited about doing more multi-colored prints...

It has been a very busy summer. Yesterday was my first day back to work in two months. School starts on the 27th and none of the teachers are ready... I will be glad to have a regular schedule, but that means I will have less time for goofing off - and I will misss it.