Friday, October 01, 2010

No Farms No Food!

No Farms No Food is a mini print created around the theme: Labor.

I live in a very urban area, but grew up surrounded by farms. The honest labors I saw during my youth are replaced mechanization. I wonder what we will do for food when we no longer know how to grow our own....

No Farms No Food
4 x 6
Linoleum Block Print

Created for Four Oceans Press Print Exchange - Minis - There is still time to join us!

This print is available on Etsy

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bring Them Home! - a Call for Entries.

Four Oceans Press recently released a Call for Entries for the show Bring Them Home!

The Deadline to enter is October 15th, 2010, the show sates are December 1 - December 31, 2010 at Creative Framing & Gallery in Oakland.

The Idea:
July 2011 is set as the date to withdraw troops from the war in Afghanistan. This is not the first time a date has been set and will not be the last...

Regardless of what each of us may think of this or any war - there are many problems in our own nation that could be solved or at least improved by bring our troops home - failing infrastructure, slumping economy, families divided due to deployment - to name a few. Not to mention the lives lost and billions of dollars spent with little result.
What if we spent that money here? Wouldn't we be better to help other nations - who want our help - if we took care of ourselves first?

Send us your artwork related to or created around this theme. Keep an open mind. If our troops came home now: What would be the impact - on us - on the rest of the world? How might families - military and civilian - be better off? Could our nation - and the nations we are fighting in - be made whole and how?

This show is open to all artists working in any media. Check out the details of this exhibition and send us your work. 

Read all of the details and join the effort.

Watch for more coming soon from Four Oceans Press and join one of our new Hand-Pulled Print Exchanges.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Live Drawing at BridgeHead Studios

Join us on May 14th at Bridgehead Studios in Alameda and see works by five local Artists: Pons, Mark, Heather, Graham & Kathe.

Step in the entry room and view pieces from all the Artists. Then take a seat in the Mini Theater to enjoy Pons Maar's latest work of moving stills exploring the "Alameda Point". Hanging with the studs you'll find Mark Knot's Black & White Linoleum Prints mixed in with his "Adults Only" Pen & Ink drawings. Stroll through the Illuminated Hallway, Heather Piazza's whimsical creations will be full of color. Followed by the Photo Delights of Graham Bird where a few of his erotic photographs will be displayed. Past the bar and into the Back Gallery, Kathe Welch's large drawing is featured along side a few prints and never before shown Calendar Series. During the Open Gallery evening Kathe will draw two new oversize pieces, each 4 foot by 10 foot, for you to enjoy.
Meet the Artists, drink some wine and enjoy a fun evening...

More about the Artists:
Pons Maar: Moving Stills - Photography
Mark Knot: Prints and Pen & Ink Drawings
Heather Piazza: Paintings, Prints & Drawings
Graham Bird: Photography
Kathe Welch: Live Drawing during the Opening: Prints and Pen & Ink and Graphite Drawings on display

Up stairs Artists Luis Solonzaro, & Eric Neimann will have Open Studios.
On your way out don't forget to pick up your Estuary Art Attack Mapso you can visit other Open Gallery's each 2nd Friday!