Saturday, March 04, 2017

Pulling a print: Cable Cars.

Here is the Video of me pulling my latest print. It has been a long time since I made and videos or used any videos editing software, so there is a bit of a learning curve and this is my first very simple video. It was fun playing around with it and trying to get it to do what I want.

I started this print in 2015, before we left Oakland. I carved most of it during the East Bay Open Studios.What a busy time! The finished product got a bit lost in the move...a few months in a Portland hotel with two cats and a dog, then relocating to a suburban rental home, while we try to figure out how to build a real house on our farm...I was finally able to get back to this image. I finished the lino a few weeks ago and printed a small edition.

 I am fairly happy with the finished piece and ready to move on to other projects...

My Drafting table with the finished lino and print and some oil paints set out and ready!

2017 Goals!

My goal for the coming year is:
· to create one finished linoleum print each week.
· finish my illustrated book “The Lasts Monkey.
· and start selling produce we grow on our farm.

Your support and encouragement will help me get there. Thank you in advance. Here is my introduction on my Patreon page:

I am an Artist, Writer, Art Teacher (middle and high school since 2002) and new farmer (since 2015).
I create drawings and linoleum prints about things that I find Interesting. My art is based on what I see around the farm and places in modern cities where nature collides with industrial objects.A gallery director once told me my work was too "disparate." I think that is a good thing. I want to make art about everything! And I am not working on just one thing. I always have several prints or drawings, illustrated stories and farm projects in the works. I document them on my website and blog.
You can help support my work by becoming a patron. I will post art here first and post how to and (eventually) behind the scenes videos. I am open to suggestions of what you might like to see.

My prints and drawings and more can be found on my website at and for sale on Etsy. Our small press is at Our farm blog is at