Friday, January 21, 2011

The Sketchbook Exchange

This project is an experiment in collaboration.

We want you to fill up a full page spread (or two small pages). Then give the sketchbook to another artist you know, who will then do the next page and pass the sketch book on to someone else. You will make sure the book keeps moving and gets back to you so that you can send it back to us.

All artists will work on the same sketch book theme. For example, the theme for Sketch book F is Fish, so all images should be about Fish.

You can tell a story with your images or create 32 separate pieces of art as long as the theme is clear in each drawing. Any material can be used [Pencil, ink paint, colored pencil or pens, etc.], but the book should come back to us intact. The image on the archive page will link to you website, since you got the book started.

We the books arrive at our gallery, they will be scanned and uploaded to our website. Each artist will have a chance to register their drawing and we will link to their website or blog [if they have one].

Join us! There are only 26 sketch books. Get yours now!
in reference to:
"I - Island"
- Four Oceans Press - Sketchbook Collaboration (view on Google Sidewiki)

Four Oceans Press

Four Oceans Press & Gallery is a very small independent artistic publishing company established in 2006 and located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We are Artists! We want to show our work and help other artists promote their
work. We have 3-4 on gong exchange projects [See the list on the Exchange page] any artist can join. Most of our early exchanges were centered around Printmaking, but we also have collaborations, a sketch book exchange and a new project - The Art Challenge.

Current Exchanges you can join:
Prints for Peace Collaboration - due by March 15th, 2011
The Exchange Minis: Health - due October 15, 2011
New Sketchbook Exchange - due November 30, 2011
& Coming Soon Art Challenge #1
in reference to: Four Oceans Press & Gallery (view on Google Sidewiki)