Thursday, January 17, 2008

New cards, Winter Update and a new show proposal...

I have been really busy and have a lot of News.

We ordered a new business card for Four Oceans Press that is the same layout as the old business card, but has prints instead of paintings. The prints are by the same artists– Kathe Welch, Heather Piazza & Mark Knot – and appear in the same order as on the original card.

We have added new prints to the Winter Archive on Four Oceans Press. We currently have six finished prints and two proofs. The deadline to send in the prints has just past and new prints are arriving each day. The Winter Archive page should fill up fairly quickly. If you want to see the finished Fall prints check out the Fall Archive. And of course, sign-ups are now open for the Spring Exchange and the Food Alphabet.

We have written a proposal for a ‘Four Seasons’ show. ‘Four Seasons’ will highlight the work from our exchanges at a prominent art gallery in San Francisco in August 2008. If we are selected, all of the details we will be posted here.

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