Sunday, December 02, 2007

Opening night of the Post Card Show

Opening night of the Post Card Show @ the Lab in San Francisco
November 30, 2007.

Four Oceans Press artists Kathe Welch, Mark Knot, Heather Piazza, and the students of Oak Grove Middle School as well as nearly 200 other artists had their work on display. The Opening was packed with 250-300 people in the gallery looking through boxes of small format art.

We attended the opening and had to wade through the crowds to get a look at the amazing work of various artists. There was a lot of really cool work and we had to wait quite a bit to get to see it all.

Heather stood back and spied on the boxes of our artists to see what kind of reactions people were having to the work. The comments we heard were positive and we saw people walking away with a lot of the stuff we made.

Check out the Video I shot on opening night...

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