Sunday, January 08, 2006

Altered Plans

My friend Mike who is a master gardener has a website on which he teaches people all about growing and propagating plants. He is amazing. Mike has plan on his site to create a potting bench. I built one this summer and it worked wonderfully, until I decided to leave my living situation and my angry ex would not let me have my potting bench.

I moved into an apartment with a garage and slowly started to reassemble my studio. My Print Press is in the other corner across from my workbench. My friend Heather who shares the studio space with me needed a table to attach her glass torch to and a safe area for any flying molten glass to fall. We were trying to avoid burning down our new work space. Heather described the table she needed and since I had already built something similar I told her about Mike’s website and his potting bench. I thought we could build the base the same way he did and modify the top to suit her needs.

I built the base in less than two hours and when she came over later that night we talked about the best way to modify the top. She also wanted to add a collapsible drawing surface. The main work area is covered with Hardy-backer (a sheet of cement used to cover walls that will have ceramic tiles attached to them) to make is fire-retardant. I will put up a picture of the attached torch soon.

You can still see Mike's table, but it is no longer a potting bench, now it will be use to make Glass beads, pendants and small sculptures. Heather's Kiln sits at the base of the Glass Bench.

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Camille said...

hey kathe, I found your blog on CL. I am going to check out your toilet art.