Thursday, December 03, 2009

Skulls of Walnut Hill

In 1976, Kathe Welch and her expedition team set out on their third attempt to find a dragon. The team traveled deep into the pine forest on the western edge of the world. They made camp under an unusually large and oddly placed Walnut Tree and settled in for a long season of discovery. The first several weeks of the dig left them exhausted. They suffered through daytime temperatures that reached 114 degrees and night time raids by large roving packs of small cats. The team persisted and their efforts paid off as they followed up on local rumors that dragon bones had been found in the region.
On the 26th day of the dig, the crew stumbled on the largest cache of bones ever found. Though proof of Dragons eluded them they did find a pile of tiny skulls believed to be from travelers from distant planets.


in reference to: Kathe Welch: Skulls of Walnut Hill (view on Google Sidewiki)

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