Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 Print Makers Calendar

The Four Oceans Press 2009 Print Makers Calendar is here. This is our biggest project to date and we are really excited about how great it turned out.

The front cover.

The Calendar highlights the work of 12 awesome Print Makers. The prints are all part of our Four Seasons Exchange Series.

Kimberly Landers

Mark Knot

Mary Grassell

Heather Piazza

Alynn Guerra

Jacqui Dunham

Laima Rozkalns

Hilary Williams

Diane Cutter

Woody Miller

Melissa West

Kathe Welch

The back cover of the Four Oceans Press 2009.

Sign-ups are now open for the Air Exchange which in due in April... and the Road Trip Alphabet which is due in June 2009.

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